Thursday, January 9, 2014

Helping Others Use The Atonement

I feel like this week for some reason was really long. Sometimes it feels like that because so many things happen and it seems so long ago. To be honest though I feel like I have changed the most this week more than in any other in my mission. I love the opportunity we have in this life to learn more and improve. I guess something I really lerned this week was how to use the atonement. Not just for me but using it for others. I think that is just as important as using it for ourselves. So many problems can arise because we do not have a testimony of the Atonement in the life of others . 


Last Monday as we were coming to write, everyone on the bus must have thought I was pretty weird. Kids here do not really have any rights and are just an possession people have. In a bus or other place they cannot sit if it is full. I was sitting there though and saw how hard it was for this little kid to be standing on this crazy bus so I got up from where I was sitting. Had the person on my side scoot over and I gave my seat to a little boy. People were confused but I felt good. It also gave me the chance to serve another lady who was holding her daughter and couldn´t hold on in the seat. I made sure she didn´t fall. To me I love those little acts of service that most people do not think of. They make some of the biggest differences.  


Here I learned that New Years is the same as Christmas in the way they celebrate it. I think there were more fireworks on Christmas but I was asleep at 10:30 New Years so who knows.  We did get woken up at midnight though again.  That day we did a lot of service and I got to kill a chicken and then later a rooster. It is good to know how to do those things and suprisingly isnt messy at all. Then as we went to the house of an investigator later we helped them and killed a rooster. There was a lot of death that day. 


Wednesday we ended up killing 3 mice that were in our house. They always eat our food and run around when we are there so we decided to take care of the problem. It was actaully really funny and included lots of screaming. Hopefully it won´t be  a problem anymore. I realized that I really do like New Years though because you can reflect more on things you want to change for the New Year. I am excited for all that will happen in 2014. I can´t believe it all but I am excited to recieve all of the blessings. More than that I am excited to help others receive countless blessings as well. 


We started having lessons in the house of the Interiano family this week. It is so amazing to hear them bare testimony and share the gospel with others as well. That is what I want to do with all who get baptized is help them to strenghen and share their testimonies.  I know that helping others learn about the gospel is what helped me the most.  


Thursday there was an activity in a pack that a Baptist Church was having. We asked if they needed help becasue they were just going to be giving out food. They said yes but then ended up not needing us. The weirdest part of that was speaking English in the park. I am not sure how I will get used to that. They were from Arkansas.


Friday I went on divisions in Sanarate with Hna. Ellingson. She is an amazing missionary who is actually going home this week. I have looked up to her since the beginging of my misison and always wanted to work with her. I am so glad I had the opportunity. She is always doing something and using her time. The funny thing is that what I learned from her and what she learned from me was the same. We have time for everything. We don´t have to rush. 


Saturday coming back to my area I found out that they had found several new families that the former missionaries were teaching and who are very promising. I am excited to teach them and learn from them.


Sunday was great as well as we were suprised to see one of our investigators in the church. Once again the testimony meeting here was so strong.  I love this little branch and I feel like we are moving forward.  The attitude of people make a huge difference. That being said, we should always be positive, don´t you think?  Well, I hope you have a great week. Thankyou for your love and support. 

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