Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Hair Cut of Love

Well HELLO!!!!!! 
I am really excited to have this time to write this week. I feel like a lot of things have changed this week and the biggest thing is my hair.  I know my mom may not be happy but I cut my hair which had grown very long in the year that I have been here.  I am going to donate it to to kids with cancer, I am sure my mom will like that idea.  I really loved my long hair and I am kind of sad that it is short but I also know it was for a good cause and it will grow fast.  We are in Zon Jalapa now and that is really close to El Salvador.  There are two districts in my zone and each has 8 people. We also all go to branches so it is a little different but it will be great.  

Tuesday we did have our zone meeting and I am so excited to be with my old zone leader. He really has inspired us so much and is still working hard.  I know he will do the same with the missionaries here. I also received my mail that I had not received for about a month which really made me happy. 

Wednesday we had an activity in our ward.  I love how we are all one big family and work together here. The Family Interiano and our investigators really made a difference there and made it a lot more fun. We had a game with frosting and I got a little messy. At the fire we had a lot of fun and talked about goals. Our investigators shared that their goal is to get baptized this year. It was really cool and our recent convert family had to the goal to go to the temple. 

That same day as well I really liked a lesson we had. It was at a members house and I was teaching her niece. To make things easier for her we taught a little in English which was awesome but also kind of hard to remember certain words.  I really liked teaching her and I felt I could relate a lot more to her and her life. 

Thursday we had a great lesson with our investigator Carlos. He really opened up and told us about a lot of things that had happened in his life. He said he knows this is true and wants to be baptized. I love moments like this as a missionary.  I was smiling really big and he asked why.  I was able to express my testimony of the joy I have in the gospel and how excited  I am for him to make this decision as well. 

Saturday was really crazy. I fell down which never happens. There was a crazy wild cow in the street and I didn´t want it to come after me so I was moving out of the way and fell down a stair.  The cow was bigger than a car. We also had a lesson with a new family. We found them looking for someone else but we just decided to teach them instead. As we were talking the little girl who was 4 left. Then she came back with something. I couldn´t see it very well but it was a book of Mormon. I thought maybe my companion gave it to her but she didn't. Finally she came out with the book and I was able to ask. The parents didn´t know what it was or where it came from. It was from 1999. It was so cool that the little girl was prompted by the Spirit to bring the book out. I bore my testimony of its importance.  They are new investigators and before we left they started reading the book. 

Sunday we had a lesson in Primary. We kind of have a new calling there helping our recent convert. It  was awesome and we helped teach about tithing. I really love kids and teaching them. It is a lot of fun and teaches me a lot. I am excited for this week to come and I love working here. Have a great week and thank you for your support. 

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