Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Elder Cook

This week was really great and amazing. There are a  lot of things happening here and I am striving to increase the faith that I have.  Surprisingly when we really try hard to reach all of the standards of excellence, we can.   All we have to do is have faith and act upon it. 

This Monday was actually a little sad to start because I lost my wallet.   I am not entirely sure how I lost it or if I did but it is nowhere. The saddest part about that is that it only had Q5 , less than a dollar and my temple recommend. Luckily I had interviews this week so I have a new recommend but it isn´t the same.  

On Monday I talked to Carlos a convert about how much the members care for him and truly look up to him.  He was so touched and it was amazing to see how much a small  thing helps others to feel the love that others and especially Christ has for them.  

Tuesday I also was so impressed by one of our investigators.  He really began to understand the atonement of Christ and began to cry.  He told us that he wants to be baptized but he needs to truly repent first. We taught him how and it was a powerful lesson. He really wants to do his best and prepare for the covenant he will make.  
Seeing some of my Best Friends in other Missions is awesome.

Wednesday we woke up at 3 am so we could be on the bus to the capital at 4 am. We went to hear from Elder Cook who is an apostle. I loved being there and being able to see some of my friends from the MTC. There were people from 3 of the 6 missions in Guatemala.  When Elder Cook gave his talk, he spoke a lot about Love and how much Love can bless our lives. We also heard from the area Presidency. We learned a lot about prayer and also what it means to be a representative of Christ.  They said it is like a power of Attorney we should think, act, say and do all that he does. 

Getting ready for Interviews
Hearing that really helped me out later in the week. I was contacting with my companion and after I finished a contact there was no one else in the street and I was a little tired so I decided to sit down for a second. As soon as I did I thought to myself, would Christ do that?  I immediately stood up and knocked on the door closest to me. No one answered but at least I tried and I felt good.

Thursday I had interviews with President and Sister Stay. I always love talking with them and we talked a lot about goals and how we can improve in our lessons. I really loved what President Stay said,"we aren´t trying to get people knowledgeable on information, we are trying to help them have a spiritual experience."  What he said is so true and I hope I can help them with that. I will ask more questions so the spirit can testify to the truths they say.  
Hmna Stay liked my Hair and my Conversion Story 

Yesterday was a great day of faith as well. For some reason I have not been reaching the standard of excellence for contacting. I am not sure why but it seemed hard. I decided yesterday that I wanted to and we were short 63 contacts. I decided to do it and ask my companion for help. Surprisingly we met and surpassed our goal. It was amazing and really not that hard. I know I can do it now and I will continue to increase the number of people I speak with everyday!!!! I love working hard and serving the Lord. 
Have a great week!

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