Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Zona Jutiapa

Right now I am writing from an internet Cafe in Jutiapa. I am still in Monjas but we had a change of zones. It is crazy because now we travel farther every week and there is not a stake center here just two branches. I am excited to be in this zone though because one of my old zone leaders is the zone leader and I learned a lot from him and always felt really inspired.  The zone may be a little farther but I really do know that it will be great. 


Last Monday we actually had time to play some sports. It was a lot of fun because we played soccer which we haven't done for a long time. I forgot a lot but I wasn´t so bad. There were other people who started playing where we were and we were getting in each others ways, but then I thought that we could just share the court.  I suggested the idea and then we asked them. It was a lot of fun and more competitive as well.  


Tuesday we found out that we are in a new zone and that everything was changing here. We will be getting a new mission President in July so there are a lot of things that are changing. I think they opened 2 or 3 new zones and many new areas.  There were also a lot of new missionaries but I think we are still at 250 missionaries here. 


This week we tried really hard to have members in all of our lessons. We planned it really well and then we made all of the calls. Then as it came time for the lessons things fell through, either the member couldn´t anymore or they weren't there. We made the best of it and still had a great week. The funny thing is that on Sunday we didn´t plan like the days before and every lesson was with a member present and 2 in the house of a member. I think that is pretty funny.  


We got some new investigators this week and one of them plays soccer professionally here in Guatemala. We were so excited about her and the lesson we had but then we saw her later in the week and she ignored us. Being kind of sad we went to her house because my companion left her sweater there and to our surprise she was there.  It turned out her sister looks just like her, it was her we had seen,  and our investigator was really excited to see us.  


I have a really strong testimony of service here in missionary work. It really opens doors and helps people to know that we really do care for them and want the best for them. Time and time again people who are totally against us have their hearts open to the message because of service. I also try to make people laugh or smile because this life is to be enjoyed. Why should we not be happy with the knowledge we have?

The two little kids who were going to be baptized before are still progressing well. One of their problems was coffee but now they and their families are drinking cafe de maiz. It is great and I love how the family is supporting them more and progressing as well.  


There are many interesting experiences we have here in the mission especially with how people think of us. We were teaching this one family when the husband came home. He didn´t like us being there and told us he didn´t like people who come in the name of Mormon, only Jesus Christ.  My companion sat there not knowing what to do and I started talking to him.  I took off my nametag and gave it to him. I asked him if he saw the name Mormon on there and he said there was only Jesus Christ. I bore testimony that we are representatives of Christ and come in his name and then we left. 


I really love it here in my area and in the mission. I am always striving to listen to the spirit and I think I am getting better at that everyday. As we do the Lord´s work we really do become more like him. I know I am more humble and I try to recognize all of my faults and change for the better. As well if there is anything you think I should work on, please let me know. I love your advice and support. Adios. 

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