Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Because of Him

I am not really sure why but this week seemed to go on forever. to me that was surprising because usually when we work hard it goes by faster. This week I felt we were constantly doing something but it was a lot slower. There was a lot that went on however and many miracles that we witnessed. 

First of all last Monday my companion had some converts come from a different area to celebrate her birthday. It was fun because we went out to eat. That day it poured like crazy and when we went back to the stake center all of the Elders and sisters were drenched. I am so grateful for the people who came because we were able to be in their car. 
Where we went to eat yesterday

Protection from the Rain

Tuesday since we had a little extra time in the morning I had the idea that my companion and I could set new goals and focus on the areas we could be better at in our companionship. I am excited for these weeks that are coming up. I am seeing an even bigger change in myself as well. That makes me happy because I really want to be truly selfless and while I am still far from that I am making progress.  

That day we really worked hard and in the night before we went into our house a lady contacted us. She met with missionaries four years ago but when she was going to go to church she moved and never saw the Elders again. she was so excited to see us and we are excited to teach her.  
On Wednesday some investigators out of the blue told me that they were talking and will be really sad when I leave. I am not sure why everyone is talking about that recently. Truly I feel that I have a lot of time here. I really do love the people here and it is nice to know they care about me too. Something I realized as well is that as a missionary I don/t have fear. It is kind of crazy but really I just put all of my trust in the Lord. 

Thursday we had a zone planning meeting and it was good to get input of other missionaries. Then the next day we went to visit people in areas we don/t really go. Everywhere we went that day, people gave us food. It was nice and really funny. 
Playing Mafia

The sad thing was that in one of the lessons an investigator told me that no one in this world can truly be happy. I however testify that we can be. With the gospel of Jesus Christ we are given great knowledge and hope that truly makes us happy. I know that because of Christ we can be happy, feel loved and have hope for the future. 

Finally during the weekend we taught lessons focusing on the blessing we have from a living prophet. We are truly blessed to have a living prophet today. I know that he speaks to and receives revelation directly from God. 

Well, I have to go. Sorry I couldn't write about everything but I will continue working hard. Thank you for your love and support. 
Moustache Cat

Also watch this video it is really good.  https://www.lds.org/youth/video/because-of-him?lang=eng  copy and paste the link.

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