Monday, May 5, 2014

Cueva De Negro

I feel really happy and tired at the same time today. I woke up at 5 and studied so that at 7 we could leave and go to the Cueva de Negro which is a tourist sight. The story goes that in Fraijanes, there was a black man who used to eat people. He has a cave where he would roast them. Today as a district we went there to explore and it was a lot of fun. One thing was that we had to pass through a river. My companion was scared and our feet got a little wet - but we were fine. 

Last Monday was a lot of fun. Everyone in the Zone got together and had a meal and then played sports. It was a lot of fun to be together and get to know each other better. That night was also great when we got together with  a NDH.  I feel like the members are really good about having Family Home Evening and inviting their friends. 

We had a really great lesson on Tuesday with Christian who came to church the week before. He seems really receptive to the gospel and I kind of feel like he is in the same type of situation as I was. He also has a family that is there to help him that will be a great blessing. In teaching him I feel like I am getting to know the members in the ward more. 

One day this week it was kind of cool because we were teaching one of our investigators and then when we finished another came. We decided to just teach them where we were which helped because we didn't even have to move.  

Wednesday it rained a lot. We were going to help some sisters in the ward and we came just in time to help the Bishops wife cook. She likes how I chop onions so I chopped them for her. I really miss being able to cook. 

Later that day we went to visit a recent convert and taught about faith. I really love teaching kids because we can play games and they are so ready to learn and participate in everything. My companion and I also got really wet that day.  Later in a lesson one of our investigators told us she wants to be baptized in a week, so we are going to do everything we can to help her with that. 

A few days later we were in a lesson and it happened to be with a pastor of  a church. He told us that they are saved by an apostol and not Christ. All was well in the lesson but they really weren't interested in leaving. When we tried to leave they kept trying to talk to us and convert us. 

Saturday we had a baby shower for a recent convert which was really great.  In the morning we did service in a paca with an investigators mom. They really opened up to us more which is awesome. Then on Sunday there were 12 investigators in church. I think that is crazy but awesome. I will work even harder this week and just give all of the time I have. Thank you for your support. I am excited to talk to my family on Mother`s Day.  Adios

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