Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Miracles in Families

This week we had so much rain. I have decided that Frijanes is the rainiest place in all of Guatemala. The members there have told us that as well and when we really get into the rainy season it starts to rain at 8am and ends at 11pm. That is a lot of rain if you ask me. Because of that it has been a little hard to leave with members but this week we will try to visit with them in the morning and do our studies in the afternoon. Aside from all the rain and a few challenges, this week was absolutely amazing!!!!  

Where we buy our Vegetables


Last Monday with our zone we all decided to make breakfast burritos. It was crazy but really fun and along with that we also played ping pong. Ping Pong was fun, I guess I am not the greatest but I played pretty well. 

That night as we were contacting I just felt that I could feel who was really prepared for the gospel and who was not. It was amazing and we have some really promising new investigators. This is the week of the miracles with our investigators and their families. 

First of all, we have Carmen . She is a single women that lives with her children and their family. She has been learning about the gospel for about 2.5 months. This week something changed and she went from being a little unsure to setting a date  to be baptized. She is so loving. Also last night we went to her house and watched a movie with her family. During the film everyone was really into it and her kids were like, ^Mom look, did Jesus Christ really do that? It was really cool to see their interest as well and hopefully we can start teaching them as well. 

The other investigators that we have seen the greatest change in is the Vasquez family. They  really have a strong desire to be baptized but the mom needs to get married first. It was a little crazy because the dad always leaves when we come. Yesterday we had a little bit of a miracle though. We found out that they didn't have money for food. I decided we could make pancakes with them because if we offered food they wouldn't take it. It was a lot of fun and when we came the husband didn't leave. He talked to us and he wants The Book of Mormon discs to take to work . We gave some to his wife on Saturday when we went to the Temple with recent converts. He had been listening and really loves them. Something happened to soften his heart and I really hope we can teach him as well now.
My Agemda

Visiting the Temple

As I said earlier, we went to the Temple on Saturday. To go we had to wake up at 3 and left the house at four to be there at 5. I loved being there and working in the Baptistry. It was a great blessing to see those baptized for those who had passed away. Really it strengthens my testimony. It was also cool to see several families there who are not yet sealed. I know that they will be one day and that brings me so much joy. I love the gospel and all the blessings we can receive in it. 

Have a great week. 

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